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Apr 6, 10 9:50 AM
10 or 25 TOC?
Apr 6, 10 9:48 AM
10 or 25 ONY?
Apr 6, 10 9:47 AM
25 ICC
Apr 6, 10 9:46 AM
10 ICC?
Apr 6, 10 9:43 AM
Is That Guild Cørruptiøn Any Good? 
Well, we answer-
The guild has aimed its progression towards ICC 10 and 25.
We are Fairly new, but coming along great. We will start doing other raids for fun, and to get to know each other as a guild. Everyone is family so no need to fight. Ranks will be determined on Attendance, Skill, and Contribution to the Raids as well as the guild. 
and to all the people wondering "Is this gonna be a guild that is together for a month then disbands?"
Hell No!  ==> because We are gonna be one of the top guilds, but we are also going to mess around while were at it. We are gonna have fun and crack jokes in raids and not get upset when we wipe but instead laugh with the person who failed =).  Because in life you gotta have a sense of humor and that's what we are all about. And please, no one take offense to Cursing and fowl language. I'm sure everyone has been there done that or has nerd raged and screamed "Fuck" at the top of their lungs.  To answer the question above, We are
Cørruptiøn and Yes, we are pretty fucking good.
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Infernosis, Apr 6, 10 9:50 AM.
Oh yea, We will be making guild arena teams, so dont get discouraged if you dont have any pvp gear because i doubt most of us do, but we will try to start making some teams and spamming Bgs if anyones interested in this idea for fun just hit one of the Gms up, and also start gathering badges and grab ur furious if you want to go through with this.

10 or 25 TOC?

Infernosis, Apr 6, 10 9:48 AM.
We will be putting together a 25 Toc group shortly, but until then we have our 10 toc group invs going out, will probly make a 2nd group for that as well, just contact us if your interested.

10 or 25 ONY?

Infernosis, Apr 6, 10 9:47 AM.
Once We get some people signed up on the website we will take a Poll to see who would like to do a 10 or 25 man Quick Ony every week.

25 ICC

Infernosis, Apr 6, 10 9:46 AM.
We are Still putting this group together, If you are interested in doing a guild 25 icc run every week pst a Gm in game, if you cant get to your computer with wow on it but need your interested, contact us on here.

10 ICC?

Infernosis, Apr 6, 10 9:43 AM.
Yo, if you are wondering why you havent done this raid yet, then it must be because you didnt get an invite. We are currently working on making a 2nd and 3rd group for Icc10m so dont worry about not having a spot because you will. just msg one of the Gm's in the guild and we will help find you a spot. Thanks
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